The Culture Of The Word Culture Essay

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There are many laity use of the word culture that gets thrown around in day-to-day conversation amongst our peers. Culture is used to define certain aspects of our lives and how we live on a daily basis. There are some that believe that they do not possess a culture. There are others who feel that we all live our own individual unique culture in our lives. However, being that culture is such a broad subject, the only way to define it is to operationalize its context and attempt to try and understand it based on a universal definition. Sergiovanni and Corbally’s (1986) definition of culture includes a system of values, symbols, and shared meanings in a group that includes embodying these values, symbols, and shared meanings in ritualize practice. Using this particular definition of culture, the small island of Okinawa is enriched with it. Their way of day-to-day lifestyle, geographical terrain, as well as their military history can all be analyzed through their culture as well as provide information in terms of our current military jargon for the benefit of the United States Army.
Culturally, Okinawans separate themselves from the association of the Japanese culture, even though they are still considered a territory of Japan. The differences in their landscape, their way of life, language, and even their societal infrastructure are the basis of their adamant separation from Japan. Its geographical complexities are also what make Okinawa unique from its neighboring
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