The Culture Of Zappos Employee Culture

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A lot is made about the culture of Zappos. The biggest being the customer service the online shoe retailer provides. The hype is well-deserved.

There are many stories about how its employees went above and beyond to make sure the customers were satisfied.

I could talk more at length about some of these stories, but there have been many other blogs and books that do just that.

But what I’m most impressed with currently is Zappos employee culture. The expectations that are put on each employee. This might be the only company in the world that could move locations —in this case San Francisco to Las Vegas— and still retain 70% of its employees. Keep in mind, these are just high level executives that moved their families, this goes all the way down to call center reps.

Zappos employees consider each other family. These relationships were built through its Core Values. Read these values, then come back to this blog.

Often times, employees expect upper management to be the ones to lead. While it would be great if managers had time to do so, every employee has the capability to change a company’s culture.

Let’s look at a couple of Zappos Core Values.

Deliver Wow Through Service

Let’s face it, we’re all in customer service. OK, maybe not ALL, but most of us are. If you are a web designer, your customers are companies who are paying you. If you work in higher education, your customers are the students who attend the school. But even if you are one of the few people who
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