The Culture and Style of Hip Hop and Rap

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Both Rap and Hip-Hop originated in the Bronx in the mid 1970’s; this culture, believed to have been first created by a Jamaican DJ Kool Herc, who repeated rhymes over instrumental music at functions. Hip-Hop spread through the borough of the Bronx, taking ideas, and motivation from the rhyming used by folk poets in West Africa. Hop-Hop is a culture with components like graffiti and rapping. Once the culture got embraced, it became a battle, a new form of competing with one-another that’s when we started to see more of rap battles. Hip-Hop culture got defined by the late '70s, early '80s beat-box style. The artists flowed in cheerful tones that told people to get up from their seats and dance to the music. The significance is more optimistic, and brighter future type of song. Rap is Hip-Hop; it’s just not everything that Hip-Hop has to contribute.

Rap is more gripped with what is going on in popular culture. Recent rap stars like The Game, Gucci Man, and Slim Thug habitually rap about stories of drug dealing, where they are from, political issues that they disagree with, or they Beef with each other to gain popularity and declare who’s better at the rap game as they like to call it. Hip-hop attempts to push its audiences to look forward to a brighter future. Rap music is all about "conveying life the way it truly is" right here and now.…

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