The Culture and Tradition of Ireland

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Ireland Ireland is a small country where Celtic music, conversation, culture and traditions are important. The country is famous for its literary history of folk legends and epic poetry, mythical Celtic characters passed down from generation to generation. English is the spoken language in Ireland. The strong influence of conservative Catholic values is still seen in Irish politics, law and culture. The Harp is a symbol of the Irish State, it also appears on all Irish coins. Travelers are ingenious group who have been part of Irish society for generations. There are approximately 25,000 Travelers living in Ireland. The extended family remains the basis of social structure. The Irish are naturally polite and will go out of their way to welcome you to their country. Most people in Ireland are Roman Catholic, 87.4%. Religion has a voice in society’s view of family, marriage and abortion. The government in Ireland is republic, parliamentary democracy. The language in Ireland is Gaelic or Irish Gaelic. Ireland’s population is 4,487,000. Half of Ireland’s population 2014 is on welfare. The average amount of disposable income in Ireland after taxes, insurance and household expenses is 21440 euros. The median income in Ireland is 18148 euros, these figures have been declining every year. One quarter of the population is considered to be living in deprivation, which means they are unable to afford at least 2 items which are considered required in society. The social welfare

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