The Culture and Variety of Argentina

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The Culture and Variety of Argentina The country of Argentina is one rich in history and complex in culture. It is located in the far reaches of South America, inhabiting 1,068,302 square miles of the southeastern region of the continent, and over 39,000,000 people populate it. Those people make up the identity of a culture, a society of Argentinians that inhabit a unique place amongst not only the Latin-American region, but also the world as a whole. If we are to analyze the culture of the Argentinians, there is one important place to start. Buenos Aires, the capitol of the country, accounts for over a third of the country’s population, and is rich in diversity. The city, and country, has religion freedom, as well as many different…show more content…
The same article goes on to describe the intricacies of the dance: “The dance is one of the most important expressions of the tango and the visual beauty illustrates the spirit of the music. A foot moves in every musical note, meaning that if a foot moves in one note, in the following note the other one should, too; similar to walking” (Easy, 2010). With such unique characteristics amongst the Argentinian people in society and entertainment, there has to be similar diversity amongst the culinary realm of Argentina’s culture. According to that of, “most Argentinians eat four meals each day. The diet may differ in different regions. Desayuno (breakfast) is a light meal of rolls and jam with coffee. For almuerzo (lunch), many Argentinians eat meat and vegetables or salads. After work but before dinner, people go to confiterías (cafés) to drink espresso and eat picadas, small dishes of cheese, mussels, salami, anchovies, olives and peanuts. Cena (dinner) in the evening is the largest meal of the day and almost always includes beef” (Argentour, 2012). Beef has been the main staple of Argentinian diet since the nineteenth century when cattle were plentiful throughout the region. The country of Argentina has proven to contain a unique culture and society.

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