The Culture of Elementary Teachers

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The Culture of Elementary Teachers My Ethnography was a study on teachers, people who educate pupils and students. Though I began with this basic definition to possibly get the gist of what a teacher “is” I of course know that there is infinitely more to it than this. There is no gist of this profession and to find out what it is, involves digging into the experiences and minds of those experiencing it. While trying to gather ideas for the general answer I would be seeking. I found that the sum of what I wanted and needed to learn is what does it mean to be a teacher? Or more specifically, in my case of study, what does it mean to be an elementary school teacher?. This could mean a day in life of an elementary teacher or the everyday process in terms of working knowledge, education or life skills into the minds of several. Why is it that they are teachers and what are the effects of the teaching process on the two parties present in a learning environment. By “What does it mean?” I set out to know as much as I could. Finding out the process of becoming a teacher was were I began, out of simple habit of wanting to know the backstory. After observing Mr. Winborne’s second grade class, I asked first how he had become a teacher. “I got my bachelors of Science and arts education” He said, “and even beyond that, I’ve had a bounty of professional development coursework.” He went on to explain that before getting his degree he’d had experience working in after school and youth
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