The Culture of Tuscany during the Renaissance

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The culture of Tuscany during the renaissance was distinguished by its fine arts caused by the Roman Empire taking over of Constantinople, which brought Greek knowledge of math, science, architecture, and the arts to the Tuscan region. In this particular time period, (1429-1519) if it were not for the introduction of new understandings in math and science, the Tuscans would not have had the advancements in art and architecture we use to this day. To further expand on this topic, we must look into additional aspects of Tuscany's culture including geography, work, folkways, and religion. Tuscany is a fairly large region, compared to others in the middle left of Italy. It is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian sea to the southwest, and the Apennines along the northeastern border. Tuscany has a climate of extremes. It has all four seasons, but to extremes. It has very hot summers and fairly cold winters, along with general clouds but little rain, due to mostly the geography of its location. Most of the buildings had extreme mathematical alignments, in a grid fashion. Most of the buildings were made of Stone, Stucco and some clay. The streets were in two “semicircles” divided by the Arno River. The streets were aligned in a web pattern, surrounded by the mighty city walls. They had a lot of natural water from the Tyrrhenian sea, and the various rivers, such as the famous Arno river that cuts the city of Tuscany in two, having a source at the top of the apennine mountains, generally.
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