The Cultures Of Iran And The United States

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The Cultures of Iran In the last few years we have heard about Iran and their nuclear program. There has been constant back and forth on Iran getting a nuclear deal done with them saying they are only building for energy and others, including the United States (U.S.), believing they are trying to build nuclear weapons. If a deal is not completed and the U.S. has to take military action to stop the Iranian nuclear program, then the U.S. will have to concentrate on the major characteristics that define the Iranian culture, how those cultures interact in the joint, multinational, and interagency (JIIM) community, how the U.S. will concentrate on these cultures in the planning and execution of company level operations, and how Iran’s military compares to the U.S. Army’s. Appeasing the Iranian society is a very important aspect when taking military action into another country and doing something against their culture would drastically hinder that. One online author states that some of the main cultural characteristics of Iran are: “health and beauty, personal rituals and celebrations, and astrology” (Price, “Culture of Iran”). Let’s look into how this author describes a certain aspect to each of these cultures in Iran. With health and beauty, Iran concentrates on their dress codes even when they have a deep history with cosmetics.
Islam introduced new codes of behavior for men and women with veiling and segregation of the sexes at the heart of the new ideology. Women…
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