The Cultures Of The French And The Micmacs

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When Europeans arrived in North America, they encountered the Native Americans. This encounter was fraught with difficulties for both sides, for the Native Americans more so than the Europeans. Europeans conquered the Native Americans, forced them into labor, and spread diseases which the Native Americans had no resistance to. In addition to this the Europeans considered themselves superior to the Native Americans. Despite this, the Europeans and Native Americans both had things the other wanted and so they frequently engaged in trade with each other. However, the Native Americans thought that, despite not having the luxuries the Europeans had, they were better off than the Europeans. This sentiment is exemplified in “Your People Live Only Upon Cod” by French priest Chrestian LeClerq who was traveling with the Micmac Indians. It is a documented response by an unknown Micmac leader to European, particularly French, claims of superiority. In analyzing this document, we will find that the cultures of the French and the Micmacs were vastly different. We will also discover what the Micmacs and the French thought of each other. To begin, we must first talk about the various comparisons that the Micmac chief makes in “Your People Live Only Upon Cod”. The first comparison is that of the living arrangements and the differences between the French and the Micmacs when it came to this. According to the Micmac chief the French had“…houses of stone and of wood which are tall and
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