The Cupcake Craft - Original Writing

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As we started to approach the tall brick building filled with various activities, we could see the endless crowds of people gathering around the front doors. Starting to get upon the tip of my toes, I was startled by my mother who leaped in front of the four of my cousins and I. “Smile, darlings!” my mother ordered. She reached for the camera around her neck as we groaned and wrapped our arms around each other. She snapped the photo with a click of her finger. “Perfect!” Opening the doors to the craft room, the smell of fresh paint instantly filled our nostrils. Every year before Summer came to an end, my mother would take my cousins and I to a museum called “Grounds For Sculpture”. This year was definitely a trip that stood out from the…show more content…
I was jumping with joy I spotted this luscious bright purple and squeezed it, popping the cap off and hitting my other younger cousin, Joe directly in the face. I couldn’t hold it in and started to laugh hysterically. “Hey!” Joe blurted. He turned around with a green squirt bottle in his hands. “Take this!” I felt a hard bump on my chest as if someone had just punched me. I looked down to see green paint splattered all over my shirt. I tilted my head up to see my mom with a look of horror on her face as if she had just witnessed a murder. All of us had our jaws dropped wide open, except for Joe, he looked like any second now he would start exploding with laughter. “What has gotten into you two?” my mother questioned with frustration. She brought me into the bathroom and started digging through her purse. She pulled out an extra T-shirt that was plain black. “How did you-” My mother cut me off before I could finish. “I know you guys too well to not be prepared for this.” I put on the new shirt that my mother had packed and we walked back to our craft table. I noticed that Amy was using the purple I wanted and that it was close to being empty. “Hey! Don’t use it all!” “Kind of too late, don’t you think?” Amy replied with a tone of sass. Before I was about to say anything, the lady from before walked up to us. “Just a reminder, finish up because the activity building is closing in 3 minutes!” the lady exclaimed. I

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