The Curiosity About Soul

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The Curiosity about Soul

Do you believe in soul? Do you believe that we can still live even though we die? Does a human can live without a body? The soul is our inner definition of existence in the world. According to the Bible, soul exists within us. In the new and old testament, it says that the soul is translated as life. It became our inner definition, because as stated in the Bible its idea refer as our emotion or inner thought as a human. Each human has a purpose in their own life of existence. The soul is the eternal part of us, it never dies, only our bodies. Every human is destined to die, but our soul are not going to die, it is still functioning with the existence in the spirit world. They say that while the body is dead, our soul is still alive as an immortal being. God created us as the way he molded the first human Adam that became as a living soul. Science proved that the soul really exist. Many scientist proved that we all had a soul, it comes from their curiosity about the out-of-body, and near death experiences concept. The stories behind those concept gives more idea to them that the soul exist
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And the time that science became more curious about our soul, they made their own experiments and proved that soul can exist, even though half of them deprived that soul doesn’t really exists. Soul became more interesting to people, that’s why many of them make more studies about it and to gather evidence that can justify that soul really exist within us. That the soul is the inner definition of human in this world, because it gives the definition on how we love and how to be loved, on how we think and how they think about us, on how people get a lot of curiosity about life, about death and about other world. Soul is everything, it is the reason why we still
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