The Curiosity Rover

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Mars has long been an unachievable goal for all nations. Starting in 1969, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) aimed to change that. With missions ranging from observing climate to taking photos, NASA has examined the surface, atmosphere, and subsurface of Mars. In 2011, NASA launched the Curiosity rover with the goal of discovering organic compounds essential to life on the surface of Mars (Administrator, 2017). This mission, Vit Rover, named after the prefix meaning life, will continue the work of the Curiosity rover and answer three questions: Can the organic compounds on Earth sustain life? What kind of life does the climate of Mars permit, if any? Can humans and Martian life coexist without disruption? These questions…show more content…
Based upon those discoveries, this mission aims to find life on Mars. This mission aims to confirm that theory to in preparation of NASA placing humans on Mars. The need of this mission is to be the first country to discover life on Mars. The goal of this mission is to display NASA’s innovation and ingenuity. The object of this mission is to contribute to the overall goal of having a human settlement on Mars. The operational concept for this mission is sending a rover to Mars in an Atlas V Rocket, collect data and discover life on Mars (Reliability, 2017). This mission operates under the assumption that life exists on Mars and the technology currently available will be able to locate it. The constraints of this mission could be the reluctance to fund this mission from the government. The government could be reluctant to fund this mission due to the over-budget costs of the Curiosity mission. This mission, however, will aim to stay within budget and time constraints given for this project. Another constraint of this mission is time. NASA plans to have astronauts on Mars by 2030 or 2040, and this mission would like to discover life before that occurs. NASA is the sole funder for this mission and has sole responsibility and authority for this…show more content…
The cruise stage will occur between July of 2022 and January of 2023. During this phase, navigation, altitude, and trajectory will be altered and monitored. The approach phase will include entry, descent, and landing and will occur between January and February of 2023. The last phase before the objectives of this mission begins is rover egress. Rover egress will include an antenna launch, taking photos of Mars’ surface, calibrating scientific instruments for use, selecting a suitable path for the rover to take, and standing the rover upright. After this stage, the rover can begin to roam on Holden Crater and complete the objective of discovering life on Mars. The overall goal of this mission is to locate life on Mars in preparation for future colonization. This rover will help NASA’s scientist discover what life is on Mars and whether that life can coexist with humans. With the success of this mission, human exploration will be able to begin earlier and become
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