The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, By Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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The story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Francis Scott Fitzgerald shows society's refusal of accepting anyone out of the ordinary. The story is about a man named Benjamin Button who is born as a 60 year old man. As he ages from the day he is born his body and brain grows younger and younger until he eventually forgets everything he has achieved in life, has the brain of a newborn and then fades into nothingness.

In the face of a remarkable occurrence the only thing that Button’s community cares about is their reputation kept through conformity, although having money can earn a higher place on the social ladder. At first his family is shocked that Benjamin is their child, his Father says , “My heavens!" he murmured, in an ecstasy of
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He does this to show that in 1860 and still today people care about being judged by society so much that they try extremely hard to make themselves acceptable by following harsh and foolish conformities and Fitzgerald thinks this is wrong. I agree with Fitzgerald's point of view, people should care less about being examined by society and trying to fit in, and more about being their very best selves because when people get too wrapped up in their appearance they forget who they really are.

Benjamin learns a great deal about life and society through the story. Such as learning to deal with judgement and comments from society and also learning more about himself as a person. This made me realise that I should also focus less about what others judge me on and focus more on how I can challenge myself and grow bigger as a person.

I found the story, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button very inspirational. Fitzgerald shows society's refusal of accepting anyone out of the ordinary in a creative and intriguing story. It showed me how society can affect people and how I can grow as a
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