The Curious Enlightenment Of Professor Caritat By Steven Lukes

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In the book of The Curious Enlightenment of Professor Caritat, by Steven Lukes (whom will be referred to as “Lukes” from now), the professor is sent out to find the best possible world. The essay will include a discussion on which society will best work in South Africa. In the current society, Communitarian and Libertarian systems are already evident, whereas Utilitarian rule is not. Utilitaria encourages people to be helpful and contribute to society; everyone is treated equally, hence creating an overall sense of purpose (ConnectUS, 2017). Furthermore, the Utilitarian system encourages people to look at the broader picture when it comes to society. Happiness is a key feature in the utilitarian society, as overall happiness is measured…show more content…
For example, regarding the issue of discussing the past, there is an immediate stigma attached to thinking of the past and what occurred in the past (ConnectUS, 2017). This is seen in the novel by Lukes whereby people are not allowed to discuss the past since it prevents them from judging the future correctly. If they cannot base anything on the past their judgments are incorrect and irrational. In Utilitaria, everything that happens is deeply scrutinized and calculated, meaning that utilitarians can not work efficiently or quickly due to their need to calculate everything (ConnectUS, 2017). These arguments will be discussed in greater depth throughout the essay.

The reasons for choosing Utilitaria instead of Communitaria and Libertaria
Why does Communitarian and Libertarian Rule not fit South African society?
Communitarian beliefs have a pronounced emphasis on the importance of communities, this is evident in their laws that state an individual has to belong to a religious or ethnic community. ”They also hold the belief that individual rights are not as important as the rights of the community.” (Joudry, 2015). Considering South Africa’s importance on human rights protection, these core beliefs of communitarian would clash and cause inconsistencies with South Africa’s core beliefs. The United Nations High Commission of Human rights has stated that human rights is essential to sustainable development (ohchr,2017). This highlights how the communitarians focus on the

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