The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

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Haddon writes about these things in a unique way, from an autistic boy’s perspective. The main character, Christopher John Francis Boone, suffers from the mild form of autism. In spite of having the mental disability he has to cope with the fact that his family has fallen apart. There are many quotes in the novel which make me further thinking.
“This is a murder mystery novel.”
This is the first sentence of Chapter 7. After he found the dead body of Wellington he decided to find out who the murderer was. In order to do this he took every fact into consideration like his favourite character, Sir Sherlock Holmes. His favourite genre is the detective stories where a murder leads to other hidden secrets. In this case Cristopher reveal the truth about his family. Christopher also compose his story within this framework because it provides order for him which is significant in his life, like timetables. I felt that he regards Sherlock Holmes as a role model because he admires Holmes’ observational skills and his talent for solving puzzles.
Sometimes I hardly got the connection between certain parts of the story. Christopher explains his emotional states with physical and mathematical issues, for instance when he finds out his father’s secrets he hides in the garden and sees the constellation Orion. He explains that Orion can be an outline of a…
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