The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time chronicles of Christopher Boone of Swindon, England. The book is written by Mark Haddon, who formerly worked with autistic individuals, describes the world through the eyes of Christopher, who is self-proclaimed “special needs”. The novel never explicitly says what Christopher’s diagnosis is, but from the text it is apparent that he would fall on the higher functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. The book begins with, as the title suggests, a rather curious incident with the neighbor, Mrs. Shear’s poodle Wellington. Shortly after midnight, Christopher wanders over to Mrs. Shear’s yard only to find Wellington dead on the grass with what appears to be a pitchfork driven through his…show more content…
Shears. When the Boone’s marriage began deteriorating and Mrs. Boone ran out of the patience needed to deal with Christopher’s condition, she left Swindon to move to London with Mr. Roger Shears. Contained in the box, were letters that Mrs. Boone had written at least once a week since her death/disappearance. Naturally, Christopher was confused when he opened the a letter describing what had happened. It’s quite a shock to hear your mother is alive and well after you had taken her for dead for two years. Upon reading this, Christopher gets sick everywhere and awakens to hear his father coming up the stairs. His father realizing what his son has discovered is in shock. He quickly tries to explain what happened. Trying to be as honest as possible, Mr. Boone not only reveals what had happened to mother, but also that it was he who was responsible for Wellington’s death. At this, Christopher becomes extremely upset and fearful and decides almost immediately he must leave the house and his father. Looking at the letters he sees that his mother has included her new address in London with Roger. Christopher decides that although it will be difficult he will make his way to live with his mother. All alone and extremely distraught from the circumstances, Christopher sets off to navigate the way to London. At the station, Christopher has another encounter with the police. He is assisted by an officer through the station. The officer
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