The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Essay example

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“When I am in a new place and there are lots of people there it is even harder because people are not like cows and flowers and grass and they can talk to you and do things that you don’t expect, so you have to notice everything that is in the place, and also you have to notice things that might happen as well.” Those are the words of Christopher, from Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, explaining himself to why he acts and does not act a certain way. But with just that one quote, Christopher reveals his key abilities and disabilities, both physical and mental, of a detective. But even while having these disabilities, because of his Asperger’s syndrome, that may or may not hold him back as a detective, one…show more content…
But even while being a social outsider, Christopher had a great understanding of the lack of social communication people have all around him. With his detective mind, through out the story, he discovers that even the people in his neighberhood don’t know a thing about each other, with only the slight possiblity that they actually know they all exist or yet have to notice. While on his adventure trying to discover who killed Wellington, he discovers that everyone just kind of knows who’s who, but has no idea who they are, “It’s Christopher, isn’t it?”.
Christopher, even though being limited by his disability, he is determined. “If something is a puzzle, there is always a way of solving it”. Christopher’s determination never seems to seize, when it came to solving the mystery of who killed Wellington, he didn’t care what dangers he would confront, he didn’t care what people would think, he just wanted to know who killed the poor dog. But eventually, after all the information discovered from searching, from all the passion put into discovering, and all the social awkardness he had to encounter, at the end he discovers who killed Wellington, which shows that no human disability can defeat determination.
In James Berger’s, Alterity and Autism, James makes a powerful statement on Christopher which basically describes him completely, “As a person with Asperger’s syndrome,
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