The Curl Project : A Project

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The Curl Project.
The Curl Project is a name that may give reference to a standard project, but to be assured it was certainly far from one… The Curl Project was a unique combination of ladies with curls who collectively united to build a momentum against their unruly hair. It was a Facebook group designed for these ladies, myself included, to share suggestions, hair secrets, and daily routines in an effort to spread our knowledge on making our hair more manageable.
Prior to the launch of The Curl Project, I considered a variety of topics. However, I settled for my group’s focus to be both interest and passion based, which lead me to curly hair because it is a topic that is relevant and relatable to my everyday life (Lecture). As a girl with extremely curly hair, I opted to venture down this avenue because I wanted to be able to share my knowledge, but also gain knowledge from my fellow girls with curls. In approaching the group with this mindset it allowed me channel a different style of leadership. Instead of strictly leading by example, I was learning by example (Kouzes, Posner). Although, my content consumed majority of the post in the group many of my members readily left comments with their suggestions and tricks, which I always made a point to "like," "reply," and most importantly praise. Throughout the group, I held myself to a very encouraging leadership style and I did this to ensure my group members knew their comments were not only heard, but that they were
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