The Current Affordable Housing Crisis

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Housing policy in the mid 20th century was predicated on the notion that only certain people could gain access to class mobility and all subsequent policies were constructed in that vision. Those who benefited from those policies exploited the very people, whose denial of mobility propelled them into their position, leaving a class long neglected by the U.S. government stuck in the same position of exclusion with no aid in sight. The current affordable housing crisis in the United States is an outcome of decades of misguided policy making and capitalist ideology that began in the mid 20th century.
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and their mortgage financing and subdivision regulations was one of the most impactful pieces of federal legislation, effecting generations, and laid the foundation for future housing policies. Rising into legislation after a period of massive mortgage defaults, the federal government devised the FHA as a plan to increase housing standards and conditions, make home financing more reasonable, and bring stability to the mortgage market, by insuring long-term mortgage loans from private lenders for residential construction and sale (Jackson 203). The FHA established standards for who was to get a mortgage, standards designed to ensure the wellbeing of the dwelling. These standards were enforced through an on-site inspection as opposed to the traditional way of holding those involved in the dwelling accountable (Jackson 205). The FHA
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