The Current And Future Construction Safety Essay

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This is why I feel there needs to be major changes in the way we educate the current and future construction workers so that they can truly understand and make sure to make construction safety one of there main focuses. One way of transforming the way construction safety is tough to others is by creating an updated and effect online platform construction safety platform which will educate employees in a very effective way. this online platform will not only go into detail in regards to previous and new construction safety procedures, but it will also make sure that each person who goes through the program comes out understanding all of the important construction safety tips. The first unique feature that the program will include is mandatory pop quizzes. These pop quizzes will come up throughout each safety chapter of the online program and will test each individual with specific questions based of off each of the specific chapters they are focusing on. Each chapter will have 20 pop quiz questions that will be asked throughout the chapter. These questions will later be tallied up for a grade. It is mandatory that you score a b- or higher on each of the chapters total pop quiz questions. If you do not do this, then you will be forced to have to go through the chapter again and be asked new questions. This process may seem difficult, but it will truly educate each and every employee who follows the online program since they will want to be focused and understand each of the
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