The Current Business Model For Printed Media Essay

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The introduction of new technology has ushered in the digital age allowing for uninhibited access to information; American institutions must adapt to serve the needs of a digital society. Like many other institutions, the Newspaper industry did not enter into the digital age unscathed. The current business model for printed media has several issues that must be addressed if Newspapers are to survive challenges of the coming century. The American public and the, especially the younger generations are particularly, skeptical of the Mass Media’s intentions and are less inclined to believe that they are non-biases. The younger demographics question more than ever the legitimacy of the news stories put out by the press. As the world becomes a smaller and more interconnected community, Americans are becoming more concerned with international affairs and less local issues unless directly affecting them. Newspapers were for several decades the only outlets for advertisers to reach, large audiences, and this has made Newspapers heavily dependent on advertisement sales as their source of revenue. The increase of available mediums for advertisers to reach potential customers threatens the livelihood of the entire Newspaper Industry. In 2015 Newspapers experienced a decline in the total circulation of weekday editions by 7%. While Sunday editions did not see such a dramatic decrease, they did also see a 4% drop in total circulation. While the 2015 decline in the circulation of both

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