The Current Challenges of Democracy

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In today’s world, democracy faces everyday challenges. These challenges affect each and every country. Each country has a particular way of encountering these challenges in order for the citizens to have some type of voice. The voice of the people makes a stronger impact on using democracy as a means to challenge the government of their country. As we take a look at the countries in the world today, we will see the path towards the challenges to democracy. The current challenges of democracy around the world should prioritize each encounter that should be addressed through networks, global gatherings, and various activities. As a continuous concern, the progress of democracy discusses various strategies and activities. These various…show more content…
There is another path to democracy which is autocracy and dictatorship. This transition means more trouble and less harmony. If more trouble would to occur, no single country can fix the world alone. Instead, there would have to be an investment by strong cooperation’s based on the values of democracy. Countries that are struggling for democracy against oppositional forms of government, shall work to unite the transitions of democracy with a coherence of security and developmental objectives. As a result, these countries need to establish solidarity and support in response to the present challenges to democracy. Activists who are continuing the process of democracy worldwide are being brought together to support other countries. The challenges to democracy in the world today are working on finding oneself in reinforcing their commitments. Democracy for the people is a challenge for countries that do not want to yield their traditional form of government. According to an article titled Is Britain Facing a Crisis of a Democracy; Bromley, Curtice and Seyd believed that “Great Britain is believed to be going through a crisis in democracy”. This crisis has led to the legitimacy that there has been a plummet in different levels of government and confidentiality in the political system. About three decades ago, there were some people who trusted in Britain’s government and put their needs above a particular political
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