The Current Condition of Native Americans Essay

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The Current Condition of Native Americans When you think of Native Americans, do you just think of what happened to them in the past, or do you think of how they live today and how they are viewed by the people around them? You probably do not think of how the Native Americans are viewed today. There are many Indian organizations out there that help the Native Americans improve their lifestyle and how they live. There has been an expansion in the Indian population since they have been put on land and not been threatened. The population has grown and the education has gone way up. More Indians have had schooling and will continue to learn as they get older. With the education increased and more Native Americans going on to…show more content…
If even a quarter of the 5 million people decide to reclaim their Indian heritage, there would be a tremendous growth in the population of Native Americans without an increase in birth rates. Of the 1.9 million Native Americans, 637,000 are living on reservations or Trust Lands. There are 46,000 living in the New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut metropolitan areas. Native Americans are also spread out to other major cities. In Chicago there are 15,000 Indians, in Los Angeles there are 87,000 Indians, and in San Francisco there are 40,000 Native Americans. Those are just the largest groups of natives in major cities. "Now, more than half of the Indian population live in six states: Oklahoma, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, and Washington" (Thomas, Internet). Movies and novels that have come out recently, have made Native Americans the favorable people in the stories. This could change the views of the whole population and the views of the younger generations coming up in the world. Education has developed in the Native American societies and there has been a major increase in the college attendance. The increase in college attendances mean that more students are taking the SAT's in schools now more than before. ‘In 1976, only 2,662 students took the SAT's, and then in 1989 18,000 took the tests, and finally 103,000 Native Americans took the SAT's in
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