The Current Construction Site ( Cdsm Interpretation Centre Scheme

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CDSM Scheme Executive Summary:
The current construction site (CDSM interpretation centre scheme) is located in Combe Down village on the east side of rock hall lane near Combe Road. The CDSM interpretation centre scheme is part of £161 million Comb Down Stone Mine project which is estimated about £1.5 million and compromise of eight residential houses, one residential flat and one interpretation centre.
History back ground:
Historical aspects are long associated with the city of Bath which is distinguished by its buildings and Roman characteristics. The Southern area of Bath is the location of Combe Down, which has been understood to be of archaeological significance. It is this attribute that gave rise to the extraction and quarrying of high quality stone as far back as 1720.
Ralph Allen Yard (located in the eastern section of Combe Down) is an area that malting’s and industrial activity had been prominent to certain extent. However, over several decades, the yard itself has been subjected to continuous alteration leading to structural deterioration and redundancy to its use. The historic significance associated to structural elements of the yard include its exterior walls, which comprised of stone (Bath Stone). Modern practice had altered these walls with the introduction of steel frames, which has the potential to reduce the character of the streetscape.
Health and safety:
For the health and safety of the CDSM interpretation centre scheme, number of
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