The Current Corporate Strategy Of The Business

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The current corporate strategy of the business had some positive changes to the organization and hence, restructured the entire organization accordingly. The corporate strategy is based on ONE Plan that had the following four priorities: • Restructuring enough to operate the business profitability in context to changing model mix and customer demands. • Offering customer the best developedcustomer demanded products in terms of efficiency, high quality, safety that could create value for the company. • Improve Ford’s finances. • Work together as one team that has one goal. Hence, in order to make this current strategy work, Ford made some functional changes, to the organization that helped Ford to create value. The…show more content…
3. In order to make the infrastructure efficient, Ford implemented the strategy to promote one goal throughout the entire organization and hence, this helped to restore the company commitment to efficiency. Plus, the strategy helped co-operation among functions as they lacked transperancy as one function would not disclose all the data to the other function. 4. In order to make the information system efficient, Ford heavily invested on premium technology to better serve its customers and hence, created Ford Work Solutions that provided and served all affordable solutions making processes more efficient with high speed internet and wireless accessories. 5. In order to gain efficiency in supply chain management, Ford discussed its strategies with suppliers, letting them know what they require in detail, that helped create long term relationships and later, which was sealed with long- term contracts. Ford maintained a positive relationship with suppliers, giving them the idea that the suppliers works with them rather creating the idea that the suppliers work for them. 6. In order to gain efficiency in the
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