The Current Critical Incident Analysis Model Essay

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Question 1( The current critical incident analysis model is about the dynamic interrelationship between the main components in the critical event. Each component, the event, the political arena and the bureaucracy and adhocracy, have processes, actors and dependencies the all come together within the event. This model also shows the cyclic influence that the media has on the communication between all the components, be it positive or negative. The model acts as a conceptual framework to capture the influences each component enacts on the subsequent component and how the media can add or detract to the responses from effected components. The components themselves are characterized by shapes and colors to specify zones of action. The model serves to help the analyst conceptualize, with identification and labeling, the dynamic processes involved when dealing with an event. This analysis can therefore aid in teaching or gaining knowledge on how to apply more responsive resolution using tools and actions appropriate to the event. The initial component, the event, is characterized by the color red and is given the shape of a circle to signify the event’s expanding and changing affect or force upon the norms of society, which is represented by the political arena. The event itself is a threat to society and involves the violators or perpetrators of the threat and the targets of that threat. The event encompasses the processes and actions to force change on a society and can come
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