The Current Development Of Racial Discrimination

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The reality is clear; race is deeply involved in our legal system. From the start of this bureaucracy the constitution had a specific definition of race and what it represented in the modern democratic arena. The fact of the matter is simple; race carries lack of objectivity from the start of this constitutional democracy to the present modernized country. The Civil Rights Movement was long overdue and even that impactful moment in history has not seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Our legal system surrounds itself with defining race, class, and gender. It seems that after two centuries this institution carries baggage that should have been left behind long ago. Throughout this essay I will try to address the current development of racial discrimination that takes part in our current legal system. I will focus on the recent police shootings and how the police are being held accountable for their actions. Before diving into our current racial instability, I will describe a few terminologies that affects the legal philosophy and how it ultimately operates. I will break down the categorization our current legal system occupies, I will tie this with the police shootings as of recent, and I will factually explain how these so called incidents are not fictional occurrences as they are being labeled by mainstream media. Perspective is everything, how we look at something can determine our conclusive evaluation. Our current legal system has avoided the idea of full
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