The Current Economic Climate Of The World

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Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the Research Area
The current economic climate of the world is changing with regards to energy consumption and generation, fossil and nuclear fuels currently make up the majority of resources used to produce electricity globally; these fuels are used to produce around 88% of the UKs electricity (, 2015). There are a few main problems with fossil fuels the first being that there is a finite supply, eventually in years to come these reserves shall be spent, the second problem with fossil fuels is the emissions they produce. Although sciences are divided in the extent of the damage cause by these emissions most do believe the emissions produced by fossil fuels are damaging to our
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The UK has the potential to utilise most sustainable technologies available such as wind, solar, biomass, hydro and wave sources, the weather and geographical location of the UK is however suited to wind and wave power generation for large scale setups. Wind generation has been at the forefront of sustainable power in the UK for the past few years, there are however inherent problems that come with building large wind farms on land. Wind power is now losing some focus; this focus is shifting onto wave generation as the technology needed to make wave generation viable has improved greatly. Wave energy has the potential to supply around 10% of the global energy demand (Breeze, P. 2005). The UK is an island surrounded by large open oceans, this oceans space is currently only use for shipping and recreational activities. Wave generation looks to utilise this relatively unused space and provide large scale sustainable generation that does not take up valuable land mass. There have been advances in wave generation design that help to provide wave generation as a viable sustainable energy investment for the future, advancements such as smaller more efficient array design and increased generator performances. In addition to this the use of linear generators has come to the forefront of
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