The Current Economic Crisis Has A Number Of Dimensions That Are Crucial

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The current economic crisis has a number of dimensions that are crucial. During this time there was a moment to represent break up to form interlocking arrangements to govern the world economy. There were several attempts to resolve the crises that arose from the central contradiction. This was within capitalism between the creation of profits and the realization of those profits in the sphere of production, circulation and exchange. These crises have led to a build-up of debts for both corporate and household debt. The crises also destabilized the returns of the international monetary resulting in trading deficit even with the most powerful nations. The crises also affected the low commodities prices ecologically. In an attempt to maintain these crises through strategic management policy they were a drastic change that affected the economy in a more severe manner in 2008. This was far the worse economy crises that affected many countries seeking for survival tactics. For China, it was a different case as it shows a remarkable growth in its economy despite the crises that threatened the economy globally. In 2008 the economy faced the most dangerous crisis especially the western nations. This contagion began in 2007 in the United States when sky-high home prices turned decisively downwards. The spread was also quick to the entire United States financial market and financial sectors overseas. All the financial institutions were affected which included the entire investment
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