The Current Educational System Of America

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The current educational system in America is far from perfect. But, in truth, it has never been perfect. Some problems of the past, such as transportation and segregation, don’t exist today. However, some issues in present education, like family problems, money, and discipline in schools are barriers to a good education today. Educators need to be able to adapt to the needs of society and students. Education has problems, and in response to these problems, the education system has changed, so that students can acquire skills that will allow them to do well in college and get a career. In order to improve our educational system with better teaching methods, first we must look into the past to see where the problems started. Some of these…show more content…
McCarthy shares this about the school year: “When the Department of Education first began gathering data on the subject in the 1869-70 school year [PDF], students attended school for about 132 days (the standard year these days is 180) depending on when they were needed to help their families harvest crops.” According to the article on education on the U.S site, another problem which appeared in the early 1900’s was that schools, especially in the South, were segregated by race. The black schools were likely to have less money than the schools attended by white people, which means black children probably didn’t receive as good of an education as white children. Today, schools are no longer segregated and there is more equality between black and white students. But funding for schools continues to be a problem in education. Even though schools are no longer segregated and kids have an easier time getting to school, there are still many problems in American education. Enough funding could solve some of the problems that still exist. According to an article in Public Schools Review, many American students are dealing with family problems, poverty, and testing. For example, poverty inhibits students in their learning, according to Bill Moyers. If a student doesn’t have enough to eat, he says, they can’t focus and concentrate very well in class. Family issues can affect a student’s learning for a lot of reasons, according to Public
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