The Current Educational System Of America

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The current educational system in America is far from perfect. But, in truth, it has never been perfect. Some problems of the past, such as transportation and segregation, don’t exist today. However, some issues in present education, like family problems, money, and discipline in schools are barriers to a good education today. Educators need to be able to adapt to the needs of society and students. Education has problems, and in response to these problems, the education system has changed, so that students can acquire skills that will allow them to do well in college and get a career. In order to improve our educational system with better teaching methods, first we must look into the past to see where the problems started. Some of these problems have been resolved, while others still exist today. Around the 1870’s, one of the challenges in American education was just getting kids to school. According to Erin McCarthy, in her article 11 Ways School Was Different in the 1800s, some kids were too busy working, and they couldn 't come to school because their families needed them to harvest crops. Transportation to the school was also hard. Most kids had to walk 4-5 miles everyday. According to McCarthy, the average daily attendance rate was around 59%. Compared to the attendance rates of today, this rate is very low. Obviously, students need to spend time at school to learn and acquire skills. So now, attendance policies are stricter, and you have to attend school a larger
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