The Current Energy Policy For The United States

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The current energy policy for the United States of America is quickly becoming obsolete in current times. With issues of national security, pollution and global warming, and sustainability all becoming ever more important in today’s world the nation is in need of a serious energy overhaul. As it stands now government entities and officials rely primarily on private companies to create and transport the energy that the American public uses daily. The problem with this energy policy stems from the three main features of how private companies handle the production and acquisition of energy: relying on fossil fuels, importing fuels, and operating in an unsustainable fashion. The country has a heavy addiction to fossil fuels as “about 84…show more content…
is far from independent when it comes to energy, “about 40 percent of U.S. imported petroleum, a significant portion of all the petroleum that provides a third of national energy consumption flows from insecure, progressively more competitive foreign supplies, primarily in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa” (Rosenbaum, 2014 p. 279). This is inherently problematic as the nation relies on this imported oil to power everything from the electrical grid to the military. Sourcing this oil from unstable regions allows for these suppliers to have an unprecedented impact on the everyday operations of both the government and citizens. Furthermore the U.S. must keep good relations with the often-uncooperative nations that supply our foreign oil in order to maintain the supply flow, making this an issue of national security. The U.S. energy policy is not sustainable in that a vast majority of the energy consumed comes from finite resources like oil, coal, and natural gas. While the continued use of these sources pollutes and contributes to global warming an even larger issue is emerging for the future generations of the earth, what to do when all fossil fuels have run out or come to the point where their extraction and development is economically unfeasible? There is no doubt that renewable energy will have to become the primary source of power for the U.S. and the world at some point in the future and increased research, development, and use of these technologies now will
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