The Current Energy Policy For The United States

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The current energy policy for the United States of America is quickly becoming obsolete in current times. With issues of national security, pollution and global warming, and sustainability all becoming ever more important in today’s world the nation is in need of a serious energy overhaul. As it stands now government entities and officials rely primarily on private companies to create and transport the energy that the American public uses daily. The problem with this energy policy stems from the three main features of how private companies handle the production and acquisition of energy: relying on fossil fuels, importing fuels, and operating in an unsustainable fashion.
The country has a heavy addiction to fossil fuels as “about 84 percent of all energy currently consumed in the United States comes from petroleum, natural gas, and coal” (Rosenbaum, 2014 p. 278). The combustion of fossil fuels to generate energy and electricity is very problematic as it releases green house gases like carbon dioxide, which are significantly contributing to global environmental issues like global warming, air pollution, and ocean acidification. If these problems are ignored and instead allowed to progress we will see many negative effects to the United States and the world within the century as sea level rise will make some coastal cities uninhabitable, storm intensity will increase, drought will be more frequent, and the overall biodiversity of the planet will drop due to mass extinctions.…
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