The Current Era Of Media

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In the current era of media is a step, a step towards innovation is very indispensable. It marks an innovation in bringing human society to a new level, a civilized society, development. That is a strong mark optimal development in all fields. This year is the 50th anniversary of Marshall McLuhan published learn about media. A statement made by him that made many people to think that "The medium is the message". McLuhan clearly support the notion that media increases the desire and new purposes. (Dekay, Sam H, 2014, page 51-52)
He said that media is an extension of the human body, it represents the development so that we understood that the development is needed now, in order to adapt to human needs the science and technology. Thus, "the medium is the message" to emphasize that the use of communication tools have profoundly. (McLuhan, 1964, page 7)
Marshall McLuhan might say that as a leader in the innovation media open. We cannot understand the meaning absolute accuracy statement "the medium is the message". But this statement as the groundwork as well as promoting media. A Culture and develop long as we 're used to split and divided everything as a means of control, it sometimes as a reminder theorem that, in the implementation of and the economic activity, the medium is the message. It can be said that it is the consequence of personal and social issues and media communication. Media help expand horizons ourselves, communication was introduced and
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