The Current Gender Roles Of Kenya

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The current gender roles in Kenya, according to Madini for women are very traditional. Women are innocent and fragile and they are expected to learn to cook and take care of the house while their husbands have paying jobs or run family businesses. Madini also stated that gender roles were very specific and people are judged harshly for breaking those roles. Her family has faced judgment from the community because her family is not as strict in enforcing gender roles as the other families in her community are. Madini 's father does a lot of work with international companies and through that he was exposed to new ideas about gender. One way in which Madini 's father broke traditional gender norms is that he taught Madini woodwork. She did not do labor intensive woodwork, but she still learned how to finish and carve wood which is not normal for girls in Kenya to do. Madini 's mother on the other hand ensured that she stayed within the norm and enforced traditional gender roles. One way in which her mother enforced traditional gender roles is by teaching Madini cooking while she was a teenager although her mother was still lenient on gender roles compared to others. Madini was not resentful that her mother taught her traditional gender roles and she said she actually enjoyed it. Although she enjoyed learning how to cook it made her life more difficult than her brothers. While in school Madini would also have to come home and learn and practice traditional gender roes while
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