The Current Generation Of Native Americans

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The current generation of Native Americans does not deserve reparations for what happened to their ancestor because it is unreasonable to say that the current generations of Native Americans are disadvantaged due to the large revenues they generate from gambling. In the United States today, Native American gaming comprises casinos, bingo halls, and other gambling operations on India reservations or other tribal land. These areas are all have tribal sovereignty, which means that states have limited ability to forbid gaming there because of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. Due to the negative affects from large revenues of gambling, Native Americans should not receive reparations for their land. Currently, almost half of American’s…show more content…
Per capita payments are the cash that the tribe distributes each year from its casino profits, which have grown as gaming revenues have risen and can range from as little as a few hundred dollars a year to more than $100,000. These payments have been shown to have negative affects and could be done in a more positive and effective way. In the study done by the American Indian Law Journal, of the 17 tribes studies that handed casino profits directly to its members, 10 saw their poverty rates rise, and of the 7 tribes that did note, only two saw such an increase. One tribe in northern Washington has eliminated poverty completely, and that tribe does not issue any per capita payments and has used its casino profits to diversify into other businesses. With growing tribal gaming revenues, poverty can become worse through the way casino profits are sometimes distributed through its per capita payments. These payments can be seen as a form of reparations, but they show the negative affects they have on the Native Americans by allowing some of them to be comfortable with living in poverty because of they payments they know they are going to receive from the casinos due to their large profits and the way casinos distribute them. There are many reasons to link financial problems and crime to the large revenues of gambling. Financial losses are one of the extreme threats and costs to the gambler. This is because
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