The Current Generational Issues Of The Workplace

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France Nookiah MAN 3240 Research paper Millennials in the workplace Current generational issues in the workplace Millennials have already surpassed the number of baby boomers and have become the majority of the workforce in the U.S, and that number will keep on continuing to increase. But instead of expecting a stronger workforce where the old and new generation would work together to overcome the difficulties, businesses have been struggling in the hiring of millennials. The work environment has changed radically over the years and that has led to several differences between the generations. More than 53% of hiring managers are experiencing difficulties in employing and retaining millennials , and that percentage keeps on increasing as employment turnover keeps growing. The main reason why millennials have such a high turnover rate is because of generational differences. Almost all hiring managers are baby boomers, of age 33 and up . Millennials have a new unique set of values, expectations, working style and skills that very often clashes with the older generations. As such, they often clash with the “old-school way” of most companies. They want and need methods that traditional employers don’t usually provide. Despite these issues, it is very important that both generations come together and find a solution. This is very critical for the future of the workforce of the U.S, as more and more baby boomers are retiring, thus increasing vacancy spots that are not being
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