The Current Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

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Summary Any company that’s looking to comply with the current Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards can benefit from the training courses and management tools available through the Accountable platform. Everything that Accountable does is geared towards making HIPAA compliance an easier and more attainable goal. With the intuitive interface you’ll be able to move step by step through everything that needs to be accomplished in order to achieve complete HIPAA compliance, which saves time and effort. The Accountable platform also provides users with maintenance tools for Business Associate Agreements, which are necessary contracts between individuals and business entities that help to protect the personal…show more content…
Through the Accountable interface you’ll even be able to send out reminder emails to employees that have not yet completed their necessary training. Because Accountable offers white label customization, you can personalize the training courses so that they match up with other aspects of your company. For instance, you can use your own company’s logo and adhere to themes and colors that are associated with your brand, removing the Accountable name entirely from the courses. This level of customization is included automatically as part of the Accountable package for companies with more than 25 employees. These training courses generally take 30 to 45 minutes to finish, providing you with an efficient and relatively quick method of teaching your employees everything they need to know related to HIPAA. Once the courses have been completed each year, your employees will receive printable training certificates, which can also be customized to your liking in order to match up with the company’s brand. Additionally, once you have reached HIPAA compliance, your company will be provided with an HIPAA Compliant badge that can be displayed on the company website, in a physical location, or anywhere else. All of this training material can be accessed through your browser without having to download any additional software to your computer. Your employees will also have access to the Accountable
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