The Current Idea I Have For My Paper

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Eric Nhan
ESS 102
April 16, 2015
Research Paper
Synopsis of Sci-fi Paper
The current idea I have for my paper is a story about an astronaut who is dealing with the effects of radiation and the health effects of long-term space travel after a five year mission. He recounts his mission throughout the story and at the same time details his decline in health and fame. There are two ways that the story can turn to and I have decided which one I will go with. The first deals with commercializing space travel where the company that he worked for begins sending tourists into space and hides his failing health from the public (maybe by faking his death). The other side is that there is a temporary ban on human space travel and more reliance of robotic missions.

Long-Term Space Flight
In order to determine the long-term effects of space travel, many different factors have to be monitored. Currently the longest anyone has been in space is 438 days, but that was in 1994-95 [1]. In the spring of 2015, NASA is going to send an astronaut into space for a year, which is twice as long as any of their previous missions and monitor his health to see if there are any long-term effects [1]. Currently, the time it takes to get to Mars with the technology we have right now is around 8 months [11]. There are many different changes that the body makes while in space including effects from the lack of gravity and reduced immune systems. Other issues that also need to be monitored for future…

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