The Current Image of the Samsung Galaxy Siii and Apple Iphone 4s in the Customer’s Perspective

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Contents Executive summary 2 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Research Objective 3 1.2 Research Question 3 1.3 Literature Review 3 1.3.1 Brand Positioning help Smartphone Company gain the market share 4 1.3.2 Apple use the brand positioning to gain the market share 4 1.3.3 Positioning strategy based on Competitors 5 1.3.4 Samsung uses the brand positioning to overtake the Apple to become the market leaders. 5 1.3.5 Samsung using the emotional branding to overtake Apple 6 Research method & procedure 7 2.0 Theory 7 2.1 Sampling 7 2.2 Survey Questions 8 Data Analysis & Finding 9 Recommendation 19 Conclusion 21 Limitation 21 Bibliography 22

Executive summary

This research is main focusing on what is
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Then, Apple do a research on what people want on the phone and there come out the result that customers is expecting the phone that have function of PDA and function like portable minicomputer. In the same year, the world was shock with the new smartphone, iPhone introduced by Apple with the very strong point of different with their competitor. Apple places the iPhone as versatile, convenient, value added devices for personal and professional use. With only2 years, Apple has gain 18% of the market share which put them in 3rd place among all the smartphone company, then in 2011, even their market share is decrease to 13.8% which put them in second but there have a grow in sales for 250% from 2008 to 2011. The success of the apple is come with their positioning strategy.
1.3.3 Positioning strategy based on Competitors

Apple has made the decision to make their product different from their competitor in 2007. Besides communication, apple iPhone added elements of entertainment to their smartphone, iPhone allow customer to enjoy the music, video, picture and internet access for email and browsing web by using the new technology in their operating system, iOS that allow the third party of company to produce application for the iPhone so that the iPhone users can enjoy more function on the phone. Besides, apple is provide

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