The Current Issues Of Capitalism

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The current issues of Capitalism in America is a grave concern to Americans. There is even a declared democratic socialist running for the Democrat nomination right now and garnering a lot of support. Specific issues this candidate is discussing that are facing Americans are issues of income inequality where the top .01 percent makes an average of 27 million per household whereas the bottom 90 percent makes an average of 31,000 a year, free college, and relations with harmful countries. This could all be related to the ideas of Karl Marx in the communist manifesto like a class struggle, or whom should own means of production, or relations with horrid countries. The notion of the proletariats and the bourgeois that Karl Marx discussed in the Communist Manifesto could be related to the current American society. For example, people who work at McDonalds are the proletariats whereas the corporate executives and board members are the ones who own means of production or are the bourgeois. As of now, the issue of raising the minimum wage to a livable wage is constantly being discussed but when looking at it through Marx’s understanding of how capitalism works, it is obvious why companies would not want to increase the minimum wage. It’s obviously because the idea of capitalism is to increase capital no matter the cost. All employees are looked at as a commodity to increase bourgeoisie capital. Therefore, it is ridiculous that companies would support raising the minimum wage
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