The Current Legislation for Homebased Child Carers, the Role of Regulatory Bodies

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The current legislation for homebased child carers.

There are two acts that are the most important for homebased child carers. Which is the Children act (2004) and the Childcare act (2006).

Childcare act (2004)
For a childminder there are five aspects that are the most important: - Be healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally) - Safety (protect the children from harm and neglect) - Achieve good education and recreation - Make a positive contribution - Social and economic well-being

Childcare act (2006)
This act is for the EYFS in England and Wales. The local authority have the duty to make sure that the five outcomes of Childcare act (2004) are being met. Childminder have to register and will be
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Human Rights Act (1998)
This act is for the right of every person, which covers children as well.

Code of Practice for First Aid (1997)
This act is for the importance of first aid. As a childminder you need to do a paediatric first aid course.

Food Safety regulations (1995)
For childminders a basic Food Hygiene Certificate is recommended. Local authorities want childminders to register with their local Environmental Health Department.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (1995)
For childminders it is important to report certain incidents or accidents.

Code of Practice for the Identification and Assessment of Children with Special Educational Needs
For childminders to notice children with special needs. And fulfil their needs in a way suitable to their special needs.

Children Act
For a childminder it is very important to make look after the welfare of the child. This includes meeting his emotional, physical and educational needs.

Public Health Act
As a childminder you have to make sure that if you have a child with an infectious disease that you don’t let the child get in contact with other children. This sometimes means asking the parents to keep their child at home.

Education Act
As a childminder you have to make sure that you meet the educational needs of
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