The Current Migration Crisis : A Highly Documented Subject Matter

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The topic in discussion over the current migration crisis can be viewed as a highly documented subject matter in which opinions from all corners of business that have an effect on. The current migration crisis is one of the biggest crises of irregular migration Europe has seen since 1945, which has raised a lot of doubts about open borders and some tensions between countries. As a result it has seen a large influx of migrants coming into Europe from the Mediterranean or the western Balkans most of these people being Syrian who are fleeing a civil war, which has created many issues for a lot of countries in the EU. It can be very difficult to define culture and identity, according to (French, 2010) culture is often conceptualized as being closely linked with attitudes and values, which are first, learned and subsequently manifested by members of a group. Culture has been described as features that are shared and bind people together into a community. Moreover, identity is how we as individuals view ourselves as a unique from others. Bhurga found that racial, cultural and ethnic identities form part of ones identity, and identity will change with development at a personal as well as at a social level along with migration and acculturation. An individual 's cultural identity may be lost during the assimilation process as he or she moves within the host society. One of the reasons it has become easy to some extent to move around Europe is because of the Schengen 1985.
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