The Current Operations Of Werner Enterprises, Inc. Executive Summary

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Living Case Study: Strategy Edition
This study examines the current operations of Werner Enterprises, Inc. In doing so, the study surveys the history, guiding stars, external environment, internal environment, and the current strategies that Werner has employed. This study also gives recommendations for new strategies going forward, as well as which strategies should be continued. A plan for how these strategies will be implemented and evaluated follows.
The guiding stars segment inspects the effectiveness of Werner’s mission statement, vision statement, and guiding principles, as well as suggests for ways to improve these where necessary. The external environment describes Werner’s opportunities and threats, and the internal environment describes their strengths and weaknesses. The study defines the strategies of Werner’s current operations, and discusses the strategies which will help Werner succeed in the future. The feasibility of these strategies are examined, and a plan for implementation is constructed. Lastly, the study formulates a plan for evaluation of these strategies.
From its humble beginnings, Werner has made much progress. The company, founded in 1956, has become the fourth largest trucking company in the country (Werner Enterprises, Inc., 1999). There are two segments which make up Werner’s operations: Truckload Transportation Services, and Value-Added Services (Annual Report, 2014). They…

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