The Current Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act ( Ppaca )

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ABSRACT The healthcare system in the United States has been under fire for the last several years, with the primary focus on radical reform of the fragile healthcare system. Legislators, the American people and the media all have differing opinions on the direction of such a reform. The following is an investigative review of the current Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which is the latest attempt at reform and the most ambitious healthcare reform in the history of the United States. The core design of PPACA is to ultimately provide universal healthcare to the nation. The present review of literature addresses both the benefits/deficits, implementation and evaluation of the current and ever evolving healthcare…show more content…
ObamaCare set into motion a the largest healthcare reform in history and the initiative was so broad and wide ranged that the governing body could not anticipate potential problems because there were to many entities involved. From public health initiatives, such as the implementation of the Prevention and Public Health Fund (virtual marketplace), to those statues in the PPACA that aim to increase the public 's access to health insurance has suffered many bumps in the road (Gable, 2011). For instance, in the initial extension of ObamaCare to the public, the individual interest and online requests was so intense that the system failed and was unable to support such a high demand of consumer inquiry, let alone enrollment. Most of the focus was spent on legislative law and not the actual accessibility and delivery to the citizens. Critics of the PPACA do not waste time in pointing out that legislation does not take a public health approach that targets the deficits evident in the American healthcare system or challenge the "decades-long medicalization of health with a population-based approach" (Gable, 2011). In short, the health initiatives are solely focused on the extension of health services
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