The Current Policies And Procedures

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In reference to David and Anne case study, Anne ought to be advised by the healthcare providers about the aforementioned policies and procedures in order to ensure that they are adequately informed about the care, and are supported throughout the care process. Anne should be guided that it is alright to grieve for her husband, and that recovery is not a rapid process and is a long journey, but with appropriate interventions, procedures and policies, all will be alright (NICE, 2013).
2.2 Explain how others in social networks provide support to Anne and David
People who are closely affected by addiction are close relatives, family members, staff, and volunteers of the healthcare organizations. According to National Institute for Health and
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2.3 The suitability of external sources of support to people affected by significant life events
David and Anne may also need professional support in some cases. The support provided could be from cultural support, spiritual organizations, psychologist, psychiatrist and occupational therapist. The main aim for these referrals is to ensure that the individuals obtain holistic assessment and are assisted accordingly. The holistic assessment includes physical assessment, spiritual assessment, and psychological, social and cultural support. This is important so that the external support can relate to preferences and needs associated to treatment, care and support. The holistic assessment is often done by multidisciplinary group including the healthcare professionals. The treatment made should be tailored to match the individual needs (Shear, Marion and Kenworthy, 2013). The psychological support includes emotional empowerment and support which is achieved from support groups such as the anonymous group. The services include cognitive behavioral theory and training of social skills. This will help the providers to work on David and Anne confidence and phobias issues. It will also help improve medication adherence in order to ease the psychological distress such as depression and anxiety
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