The Current Practice Of Health Insurance

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The Current Practice of Health Insurance in Ethiopia The practice of health insurance coverage in Ethiopia is limited. Private sector insurance in health is underdeveloped and covers only a small proportion of the population through the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC) and recently through a few private insurance companies. Beneficiaries of health insurance schemes are a few private organizations and public enterprises. According to NHA III, private health insurance accounts for only 1.1 % of the total health expenditure. (Health Insurance Strategy: FMOH Planning and Program Director; May 2009) Civil servants are also entitled to receive limited health care benefits (50% of the costs, in the case of inpatient care at public…show more content…
The health sector policy gives primary focus to prevention and primary care for the neediest segments of the population, and to
Address the predominant public health problems in the country. The major program components
Are: Health Service Delivery and Quality of Care; Health Facility Construction, Extension, Equipping and Access; Human Resource Development; Pharmaceutical Services; Information,
Education and Communication; HMIS and M&E; and Health Care Financing. (Health Insurance
Strategy; May 2009)

It is clearly stated in the PASDEP that the focus of the program’s health component will be on improving maternal health, reducing child mortality, and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and
Other diseases with the ultimate goal of improving the health status of the Ethiopian people and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. To achieve these goals, 13,635 Health Posts, and
3,200 health centers were constructed and 30,000 HEWs and 5,000 health officers were trained and deployed during the program period. (Health Insurance Strategy; May 2009) Overall, the government is putting its maximum effort into improving the health status of its citizens. The various interventions have resulted in remarkable achievements, mainly from the supply side, by both improving physical access to health care and

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