The Current Practices Of Obtaining Daily Weights

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Abstract Background. Current unit practice is that patient daily weights are obtained in the afternoon or evenings. However, patient weights in the afternoon and evenings are not accurate dry weights. According to evidenced based research, to obtain an accurate patient daily weight, patients should be weighed every morning, after their first void and before they eat breakfast. Purpose. The focus of this study is to compare the current practices of obtaining daily weights in the afternoon and evenings, compared to the evidenced based practice recommended in the literature. Method. Through interviews and surveys with staff, the barriers to obtaining patient weights in the mornings, rather than that of the afternoon or evenings, are…show more content…
However, this is not the recommended protocol shown in the literature. The current unit practice and evidenced based practice will be compared. The barriers to performing evidenced based practice will also be assessed. Literature Review Curtis et al., in the article, “The importance of daily weight measurements in heart failure patients: a performance improvement project”, addressed the problem of lack of accurate daily weights by 0500 daily. Despite the policy and importance of daily patient weights, it was shown that accurate daily weights were still lacking. They discovered that the problem was the lack of availability of standing scales and lack of nursing staff support (NSS) understanding of the importance of daily patient weights. They supplied the floor with an additional standing scale and educated the nursing staff and support on the importance of daily weights. With these implementations, accurate patient daily weights increased by 90% (Curtis et al., 2012). Sherer et al., in the article, “Weighing In on the facts: Best practices in daily weight monitoring for heart failure patients”, noted that although daily patient weights were critical data in managing heart failure patients on diuretic therapy, only 86% of patient weights were documented. It was found that the reason why patient daily weight were not being obtained was
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