The Current Problems Facing Trade Unions in Kenya and the Way Forward to These Problems

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Trade unions are associations of employees (there are also associations of employers - F.K.E) and their main objective is to represent the employees ' interests to the employers. The right to form and join a trade union is a fundamental human right. A well functioning and respected trade union movement is often a good indicator of democracy and standards of human rights. Besides playing a role in the fight for better working conditions, trade unions have had (and continue to have) a key role in the building of social movements and the developing of social changes. The role of trade unions has been very varied. In some countries, where fascist and communist regimes were in place, trade unions were overtaken or created by state…show more content…
Most grievances come from both internal and external forces. The internal ones include conditions at work, incompetent management, and oppressive management, ignorance of management, bad rules, poor communication systems, personality problems and lack of resources. External forces include the political environment, economic setting and social setting. For the purposes of this assignment I would like to dwell on the major handicap facing the trade unions in Kenya that being in the area of Employment. The trade unions are faced with a number of problems in the area of employment which include: · Lack of coherent national policies on employment. The same is caused by lack of genuine political will and commitment on the part of the government(s) of the respective countries. · Obsolete Labour laws and inadequate regulations in place, which do not conform to international Labour standards and therefore cannot, meet the present employment challenges. · Lack of credible legal systems, weak enforcement of laws and ineffective Labour inspections. · Unemployment rate is currently rising rapidly, mainly due to the joint effects of slow job creation rate and a rapid Labour force growth rate. Majority of the youth who graduate in thousands at all levels of education from primary to university are unable to find employment. In all the four countries less than ten percent find jobs in the formal and public sector. · Growth of the informal sector poses a big

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