The Current Procurement Situation Within Ucla Housing And Hospitality Services

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The first few weeks of our project were spent assessing the current procurement situation within UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services. We worked very closely with our stakeholder to gain an understanding of how products are purchased, and quickly decided that our project would focus on office supplies because they are frequently purchased and widely used, and because there are not strict regulations regarding what kinds of products can be purchased/used (as there are for chemical cleaning supplies, for example). Additionally, we performed background research and analyzed the current University of California Sustainability Practices Policy as well as past UCLA Housing purchasing data. Our findings were surprising. We found that the current…show more content…
Taking all of this into consideration, we came up with the initial project idea of creating our own set of comprehensive procurement guidelines. These would be quantified, clear, and concise. However, we soon found that this project would be logistically difficult to complete and implement, given our resources and timeline. We also realized that the current guidelines are already available to UCLA staff, who, as the survey data indicated, are largely unaware of them. For this reason, simply updating the existing guidelines would have likely had little effect in changing purchasing behavior. The need for an educational component quickly became apparent - indeed, nearly 50% of survey participants identified a lack of awareness/knowledge of sustainable products as the biggest obstacle to the sustainable procurement of office supplies at UCLA. We delved deeper into the current procurement system, learning that the UC System is contracted with OfficeMax and that it uses an interface known as BruinBuy to make purchases. We thus decided to use the OfficeMax Green Office catalog (available to the public online) to compile a product recommendation list. We also made general plans to incorporate this list into an education program set to take place during Spring

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