The Current Product Development Process

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Secondly, the current product development process needs a timely interaction among different departments in order to detect problems in a relatively early period of the process; the traditional approach would not meet this needs (Yelkur et al., 1996). Thus, the new product development team is required to be made up of members from different background, such as engineering, marketing, and management, so that they may work closely in introducing new products. As a result, the democratic atmosphere of the work place is crucial for the process. Amabile (1998) and Amabile et al. (1999) argue that freedom in processes promotes their motivation and helps employees make the most of their expertise. In certain corporations, product development…show more content…
Then, the ideas from brainstorming may experience the Deep Dive Approach, by which discarded ideas are archived and top solutions are selected to client meeting. After communicate with client, feedback may be given for further prototyping or contribute directly for manufacturing. Three kinds of unique features contribute to the IDEO’s philosophy of “fail often to succeed sooner”. Firstly, the quick prototyping enables the project team to make mistakes to find the appropriate solutions. In other words, it is similar to the method of trial and error, and follows the principles of the three “R’s”: Rough, Rapid and Right. This is supported by some experience of IDEO. During the early stages of the design process, IDEO generate as many ideas as possible. Team members’ task is to dump ideas, and they have no responsibilities to the unsuccessful ideas in this period. They prepare to fail a lot so that the early prototypes are crude, which would not waste the precious time. In addition, instant interaction among project team members and clients ensure that the products are consumer-centered and members in the project are actively participated. The playroom atmosphere in IDEO ensures the instant communication between members to exchange latest insights and ideas, which would enhance their understanding of the ongoing project, because democratic environment boosts the effectiveness of interaction. Moreover, project teams
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