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The rise of Location Sharing Social Networks have given birth to a whole set of software that are geared towards geo visualization of Social Networks. According to Luo et al. (2011) the current range of software can be classified into two broad categories according to their focus. 1. Focus on the spatializing network structures 2. Focus on combining spatial analysis with social network analysis. For the purpose of integrating SNA with geography however, the first class of software are not appropriate as they are general purpose network visualization tool that represent networks like origin-destination networks or flow networks. We focus our attention to only the second category of software that are specifically made for spatial network…show more content…
Example of such cases may be found in Lepawsky (2014) and Lin & Renner (2013) [Though these have no bearing to the subject of this paper in general]. The popular social network visualization and analysis software Gephi (Bastian et al. 2009) has several plugins that can be used to support spatial information. The most notable of these plugins are Geolayout , MapOfCountries , ExportToEarth , SHPExporter . UCINET (Borgatti et al. 2002) has its aim primarily on analysis of social networks and come with a range of features for statistical analysis of networks. UCINET even has tools for calculating spatial autocorrelation through the calculation of Moran’s I and Geary’s C. These measures can also be used to test hypothesis on similarity and distance. NodeXL is a plugin for Microsoft excel for social network analysis. The future versions of the plugin have promised to provide location and distance support along with web mapping support as more and more networks appear with location attribute. B. SNA software that integrate with GIS or provide GIS like features: When the focus is on understanding the interplay between space and society, tighter integration is required between the SNA and GIS software. In the previous section, we have discussed many software that are very good at handling social network data and provide an array of statistical techniques to glean information from them. However, the importance of the reverse coupling of GIS
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